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Equipment Racks & Wall Mounts

We manufacture and supply 19-inch Equipment Racks complete with accessories, Open Bay Racks, Wall Mounts, Patch Panels, Fibre Optic Trays and Cable Management Panels. We also market 24-inch Equipment Racks and our own unique design of Cable Strain Reliever Trays.

*All our Racks conform to IEC 297 (BS5954) and DIN 41494 standards.



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19" Racks & Accessories

Standard Features :-

  1. Basic frame structure.
  2. Vented top with ventilation fan openings.
  3. Full length vented key lockable rear door.
  4. Quick fit, detachable side panels.
  5. Power point channel.
  6. PVC truncking with snap-on cover or metal tray.
  7. 30 sets M6 caged nuts and screws.
  8. Epoxy powder coated finish.
  9. horizontal side mounting rails.
  10. Adjustable vertical support rails ensure adequate space between front of equipment and front door.
    (items 9 & 10 not applicable for PA pack)

Optional Accessories :-

  1. Hinged lockable front perspex (glass door can be specified).
  2. Swivel castors.
  3. Adjustable levelling feet (only recommended when swivel castors are ordered).
  4. 4 1/2" low noise ball-bearing ventilation fan.
  5. Fixed shelves and trays.
  6. Sliding trays and drawers.
  7. Chassis runners and brackets.
  8. Blank panels in various sizes.
  9. Vented panels in various sizes.
  10. Support kits/ear brackets.
  11. Pre-punch patch panels.
  12. Sub-rack.

19" Racks Systems come in various heights and depth. The common range is as follows:-

Height 'U' Width (mm) Depth (mm)
15* 557 500**/600/700
18* 557 500**/600/700
21 557 500**/600/700
24* 557 500**/600/700
27 557 500**/600/700
33* 557 500**/600/700
37* 557 500**/600/700
42* 557 500**/600/700
46 557 500**/600/700
Note: 1U = 1.75" or 44.45mm
* Standard products
** 500mm depth only recommended for PA rack.

Open bay 19" Racks

Front and Back View
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Font and Side View
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Back View
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Wall Mount IP65
Metal Enclosure

Wall Mount (NEW)

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Wall Mount
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Watertight Metal Enclosure
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